Your child is on an amazing developmental journey that starts at birth and along the way, equips them with the knowledge and skills they need for a life filled with amazing possibilities. In fact, the first five years are fundamental and the most influential for your child’s learning and development and encouraging a love of learning through play-based principles in this time leads to ability, growth and resilience.


0-1 years

Through a warm, safe and loving approach, our educators will gently transition your baby into the learning environment and adapt to your individual baby’s needs in order to develop a nurturing relationship. We offer a stimulating program, providing a range of sensory and tactile activities to nourish your baby's mind and soul, capturing every unique learning moment of this precious age.

Our skilfully trained educators use the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) to recognise, guide and nurture your baby through those delicate months of exploration and curiosity, using many play and sensory activities to provide a unique learning opportunity.

We form the foundations of the Curriculum by encouraging a sense of belonging in a comfortable and familiar environment. With familiar educators, infants are allowed to be themselves, developing confidence at their own pace, through every step and blossoming on their pathway of learning. 

Our carefully planned programs provide:

  • The exploration of learning environments and relationships
  • Sensory stimulation to spark curiosity
  • Cognitive and fine motor skill development
  • Singing, music, art and physical development
  • Indoor and outdoor playtime
  • Flexible feeding and sleep routine
  • Positive socialisation with other babies


1-3 years

During the exciting toddler years, children’s communication skills develop, they are open to new challenges and they learn to play, experiment and concentrate. Our toddlers begin to form friendships and bonds with both their peers and educators, creating a home-like environment to allow them to build confidence and the desire to explore the world around them.

Our Seedlings are bursting with energy and are ready to blossom into their own individual little personalities.

Our selection of natural environments allow choice and individuality to flow, allowing our free-spirited Seedlings to learn and absorb the world around them. 

Our highly skilled educators use the Early Years Learning Framework to develop a program that fascinates your child's thirst for learning, ensuring they feel safe, secure and belong within their own community. They are able to be whoever and wherever their imagination takes them and become their own individual personalities through supported relationships. 

Our carefully planned programs provide:

  • Exploration and creativity
  • Communication skills, sharing and cooperation
  • Problem solving and resilience
  • Awareness and self identity
  • Group dynamics and solitary play
  • Discovery of science and nature
  • Connection with family and community
  • Mindfulness and the ability to self-calm
  • Exploration of languages, music and art
  • Awareness of literacy, maths and scientific concepts



3 - 5 years

Preparing for school is an exciting time in most children’s lives and we strive to ensure your child has the desire to engage in play-based learning with both peers and educators to achieve the very best start to their schooling years.

Our programs provide a combination of child initiated and teacher led activities, building skills to enable each child to be confident in their physical, social and emotional abilities to navigate through school.

Through commitment, dedication and partnership with families and local schools, our Saplings program, prepares your child to be confident, strong and resilient, ready to conquer the world, through a developed sense of well being and connection to the world around them.

Through highly skilled teachers (who hold their Bachelor of Early Childhood Teaching) and educators, our Saplings program provides a gentle transition from their Curriculum guidance of the Early Years Learning Framework through stepping stones to their Curriculum with Pre-Prep learning from the Queensland Kindergarten learning Goals. By following the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Goals, our Saplings program provides your child with all the necessary skills to not only be academically ready, but socially and emotionally ready as well, for the learning journey that school provides.

Our carefully planned program provides: 

  • Sustainability and the natural world
  • Science, technology and math
  • Reading and writing
  • Community events, excursions and contributions
  • Cultural inclusion including recognition of Indigenous Australians
  • Sport, dance, and physical development
  • Self-expression, self-awareness and self-respect
  • 'School Ready' skills including lunch box, toileting, dressing and classroom dynamics